Intimidator LPR Pre order. Finger groove Sidewinders are back. carhartt sweatshirts and jackets. Limited availability.


DC_CUSTOMS_LOGO_CRISP.gifDestructive Customs was started in 2003 by people who play paintball and loved the sport. Destructive Customs does not build the gun of the month. We only work on the markers we feel are built as a quality product. The companies that we deal with we consider to be among the best in the industry. Destructive customs is owned and operated by Jared Kajka. Christopher Wilke is responsible for the designs on the Cyborg and some of the new projects you will be seeing. Both Jared and Chris are over worked and not paid. Things may be a little slow at times due to the fact that Jared is a Firefighter / EMT Intermediate, that is his full time job so after his family and normal life paintball is every other possible moment. He will do his best to keep everything going.

If you have a question or comment about our products, please feel free to contact us!