What Lube Should I Use on AKA Products?

We recommend and sell Extreme Lube because we know what it contains. It will not swell o-rings or Delrin. It will not gum up in cold weather or when using CO2. Extreme Lube contains highly refined petroleum oils and proprietary additives. Extreme Lube is available on our webstore for $6 a bottle. It will last a long time.

When you play, drop 1-2 drops of Extreme Lube in your air intake. That is sufficient to lube the entire regulator and marker. Lubing this way is safe for solenoids and provides a very fine slick surface throughout the marker.


What is the Difference Between the Sidewinder and the 2-Liter?

The Sidewinder is an excellent regulator that is constructed in the usual method using spring pressure. It flows a lot of air and has a quick recharge. Once broken-in, it has great consistency. It has become the industry standard for regulators.

The 2-Liter Plus Dual (which replaces the original 2-Liter and the 2-Liter Plus) is a pressure compensating regulator. Variations in the input from the tank do not affect its output pressure. As a result it has phenomenal consistency and also a huge air flow. As a result you will not experience drop-off when rapid firing. The Dual comes with the low pressure spring installed and the high pressure spring in the box.

How can I Order Stickers?

Please do not e-mail sticker requests.
Send a Stamped Self-Addressed Envelope (SASE) to:
AKA 40 Nutting Ave Florence, MA 01062 and we will send you stickers.
We also put several stickers in each order we ship.

When will AKA Produce Another Electronic Marker?

AKA is bound by a legal agreement not to produce an electronicly controlled marker. No amount of cajoling, begging, or internet pressure will convince us to break our agreement.

Our regulators are the best on the market, so we intend to concentrate on providing these great products to you.

Do you still have Vikings and Excaliburs?

While we are no longer producing new Vikings and Excaliburs, we do still have in stock 04 Vikings and Excaliburs. They are unmilled, black anodized. We also have several unmilled and unanodized Viking and Excalibur bodies that could be purchased to be customized. These markers come with an SCM-III, eyes, covers, Sidewinder regulator, and Humphrey solenoids.